Kelsey A. EibenVice President

Kelsey serves as Vice President for Venture Strategic, managing internal operations, as well as marketing, media and digital strategy.  Kelsey currently serves as the outside Public Information Officer and Communications Director for KPC Healthcare, Inc., which owns and operates hospital systems in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and India. Kelsey also serves as an outside traditional and digital media communications strategist for the Transportation Corridor Agencies, which is the largest Toll Road network in the United States.

Through her experience in both private and public communications, Kelsey has developed digital strategies and tactical implementations that sway public opinion with measurable outcomes. Her acumen in video, website, and graphic development have provided clients with 21st century tools that effectively deliver their messages and improve public perception. She is an expert at mastering effective digital footprint growth plans that not only achieve the client’s objectives, but also generates custom creative that stands out against the competition.

Kelsey has also worked with national, and international CPG companies to develop exceptional branding, build custom e-commerce websites, shape unique designs and deliver measurable USPs (unique selling propositions) to increase conversion and grow sale margins. Through her creative and advertising experience, she has shaped top-to-bottom promotional strategies that leave lasting impressions.

Previously, Kelsey served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications on behalf of Kevin James in his bid for Los Angeles Mayor.  She oversaw an aggressive earned media and digital communications operation that in part enabled James to surpass a twelve-year incumbent City Councilmember who outspent him by millions of dollars.  Kelsey was also a Council Executive Assistant for Policy and Communications in the City Council’s Office for the City of Irvine. She provided strategic recommendations on policymaking, messaging and constituent communications which strengthened her knowledge of City functions and regional politics.

Prior to her tenure with the City of Irvine, Kelsey worked at the City of Villa Park with the City’s Financial Director, City Clerk, and Assistant City Manager. Kelsey wrote policy, prepared staff reports, reconciled basic City finance accounts, prepared City agendas, provided general ledger of accounts payable, and interfaced with local businesses on city matters. Kelsey obtained her Bachelor’s degree at California State University of Fullerton, where she later achieved her Master’s degree in Political Science with emphasis in political theory.


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