Why Your Pitch is Not Gaining Attention from Journalists

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very day, journalists receive an overwhelming number of emails and unfortunately don’t always have the time to respond to each inquiry. As a result,  emails from recognizable domains, or a relatable subject line, tends to grab their attention.

So, how do you break through the noise?

There are two key practices to consider when sending a pitch to reporters or media outlets. First, pick up the phone instead of opening an email. Building a personal relationship with journalists is important and interpersonal communications are vital to establishing a connection.

Step One: Avoid the delete button by creating a connection

  1. Start with a list of the publications you want to connect with and find the person within each publication who writes about the subjects you are interested in.
  2. Identify the journalists who are active on social media and tend to engage with followers. These people will be more likely to interact with you via social media.
  3. Share their work on social. By re-tweeting or sharing their content, you are promoting their work and showing you have an interest in their voice.
  4. Every few months add another publication to build your database.

Step Two: Get the intended impact.

  1. Personalize the pitch! Show the reporter you have done your research. Note a recent story they wrote and the beat. It shows you are a real person trying to communicate.
  2. When trying to introduce a new product or company, keep it short and sweet. We know you are passionate about the new product, but that doesn’t mean journalists want to read a small novel before getting to your pitch.
  3. Finally, don’t over fluff. Have data and research to prove that what you are saying about the product or company is accurate. It is better to stick with the facts than get caught in a lie.

Social Media has become a unique gateway into the lives of people who you would otherwise not have access to. Use this tool to you and your client’s advantage. Once you have created the relationship, be sure to nurture it. You can only be a public relations specialist if you have access to those who influence.


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